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We use professional high speed scanning equipment to obtain as good an electronic image as possible.  We select from within our large library of image manipulation software (including industry standard Adobe Photoshop) to restore and modify photographs, 35 mm slides, negatives and transparencies.  


A high resolution scan of a typical photograph from the turn of the 20th century.  Faded over time, and typically sepia toned, the integrity of the photograph has been compromised through years of handling.  The photograph suffers variously from Scotch tape stains, small water stains, numerous cracks and torn edges.  The subject's signature is partly faded.


A grayscale image of the same  photograph after various  manipulations using PhotoShop. The intensity levels for  high- lights, midtones and shadows have been adjusted, cracks and torn edges repaired.  Additionally, the signature has been removed.  The image is now suitable for printing to photo grade gloss or matt finished paper.  The image size can be maintained, reduced or expanded.  

A tinted version of the photograph might appeal.  All colors are muted to keep the feel of an older photograph. Suitable for inclusion in a Createc electronic image album, or stored as-is on disk or CD, the image has been conservatively framed.  Createc's software library includes a variety of frame styles that can be applied to any image.


Treading ever so lightly so as not to corrupt the veracity of the original figure, the image has been cropped, a more visually interesting background has been faded, and the whole enclosed within a more imposing frame. Anything is possible...

Key Benefits

bulletExpert use of top quality scanning hardware and image manipulation software
bulletPhotos preserved in a variety of electronic formats 
bulletImages printed on photo gloss paper

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