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With state-of-the-art equipment, Createc can edit, manage, publish, and replicate your films and video tapes, and record your edited digital videos back out to video tape with amazing quality.  We can also edit your hours of home video tapes into fun highlight videos (ready for video e-mail or adding to a Web site), recording them back to video tape, CD, DVD, or any other removable media.  We can create for you a  holiday or special occasion video CD or DVD, providing a more personal alternative to the standard annual family update letter. 

We work with a variety of different media and formats including - but not limited to - Regular 8 mm film, Single 8 film, Super 8 film, 16 mm film, VHS, VHSC, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital-8, and Mini DV. In addition to conversions from the usual NTSC VHS format, we can also convert from PAL and  SECAM VHS formats.

The VCDs we create are playable on computer CD-ROM drives, and VCD compatible - DVD players. The DVDs we create are playable on computer DVD-ROM drives and - as far as we can tell - most modern DVD players. 

We can duplicate and replicate tapes and CDs. 

We can print directly on CDs and DVDs, and we can provide inserts and jewel cases, sleeves, etc.


Services include:

bulletDigitally edited film and video, with recording to tape or disc
bulletShort movies or streaming video
bulletDuplication and replication of tapes and CDs

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